Express Kit


Experience a e-cigarette lifestyle, the quick and affordable way! For a great introductory price of just $59.97, you get 1 e-cigarette battery (your choice of long or short), 5 FlavorMaxTM cartomizers in your choice of flavors, 1 USB cigarette and 1 USB Home Charger Kit (includes charger plus wall adapter), user guide and member card – PLUS a FREE deluxe carrying case to carry them all in style.

Info and Product Details
Express Kit – Great Value… at an Introductory Price

Beginner’s Kit – The quick and affordable way to start smoking e-cigarettes– PLUS a FREE deluxe carrying case to hold all the basics

First-time, casual, or occasional e-cigarette smoker? Start off quick and easy on e-cigarettes. The Express Kit contains the “basic ingredients” for enjoying the full-flavored, high-smoke-volume experience – including battery, cartomizers USB cigarette and home-charging kit. To hold them all together – a deluxe carrying case FREE with every Express Kit.

Pick up your Express Kit today and:

  • Experience an unmatched smoking sensation
  • Save money – each kit has the value of 7.5 packs of cigarettes
  • Indulge in the incredibly long-lasting flavor
  • Enjoy the high smoke volume
  • Stay powered with the USB Cigarette