History Of Gift Baskets - Gift Baskets

History Of Gift Baskets - Gift Baskets
Baskets have always played an important role in history. Even in Biblical times Moses' mother could not hide her child any longer from the Pharaoh. She put him in a wicker basket and set it among the reeds by the bank of the Nile river. After accepting Christianity, the apostle Paul escaped to safety by being lowered in a basket out of the city walls of Damascus. Imagine Betsy Ross pulling thread from her sewing basket, putting together the stars and stripes of the American flag. Before "paper or plastic", baskets were a major way people transported goods. They were an essential part yesterday and are just as vital today, but their usage has changed.

There is a new day in the history of baskets. Baskets have changed their popularity as the transporter and have become the gift: a perfect expression of thanks and appreciation. Filled with a number of savory, gourmet food items, wrapped with cellophane, and topped with a beautiful bow, baskets have emerged in history as the modern solution to the age old question: what should we get them? Now, the last pressing question for you to answer is which basket company do you use?


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